Studio Emilie Albertini (May 2020)

The great fashion voice, Emilie Albertini, kindly selected our jewels for her "Dressing Therapy" masterclass in May around the perfect hits to accompany your summer. We love her delicious spontaneity and certain taste for composing the perfect outfit.

We were so glad to be shared by her and new masterclasses will come. You will find below the kind words raised by Emilie (excuse my french, les amis, "en français dans le texte").

Maeva Gaultier page highlights on Studio Emilie Albertini masterclass

I strongly recommend you to follow her Instagram account @studioemiliealbertini and her website to be aware of the new masterclasses and find your future favorite statement piece(s).

If you're interested by the pieces highlihgted in the masterclass, you can find them on links below: