Dear visitor, dear customer, dear jewelry lover,

Based in Lausanne in Switzerland, French designer Maëva Gaultier just launched her eponymous label as an ode to the quote « never too much ».

Self-taught, the French designer draws from her daily life, her travels and her desires to design chic, explosive and audacious jewels. By analyzing her personal jewelry box, Maëva makes the observation of a certain conformity and monochrome. Naturally, she decided to twist her golden chains by mixing pearls and stones with shiny colors to create flamboyant jewels such as necklaces she had fun to realize during her childhood.

Maëva Gaultier definitely cultivates the philosophy of "Mix and Match", bright and full of colors, the collection combines semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and gold plated chains, enhanced by inventive details but always imbued with irreverence.

"I like jewels you see, with a touch of originality which gives you a smile, but what I love above all else is the accumulation. This is my identity! The sound of jewels moving freely and vibrating during the day, is my armor."

Expect jewels with a vibrant and versatile effect for daytime or after dark astonishing looks.

PS: lovely people talk about our brand and we are grateful and proud to share it with you.
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