Marie Claire Switzerland edition (December 2019)

We are really grateful to have received Marie Claire support for its swiss edition magazine with other swiss creators colleagues. You can have a look on some of our necklaces below (Triple Star, Combine me and Turquoise My Turquoise).

Marie Claire Suisse - Créateurs Suisses couverture - Décembre 2019 - Maëva Gaultier

Marie Claire Suisse - Créateurs Suisses page - Décembre 2019 - Maëva Gaultier

Marianne Theodorsen (November 2019)

The lovely and wonderfully dressed Marianne Theodorsen, from Oslo, has worn one of our bracelets, Shooting stars bracelet. Big thanks to her for the support and the amazing combination. (Original post is here)


Freudin (September 2019)

The german magazine has a nice "What happens in Switzerland" section and we were thrilled to be part of the September 2019 edition. Thanks to them and their lovely attention!


Swiss Fashion Point (September 2019)

We were grateful to participate to Swiss Fashion Point 2019, to present all the creations and to be part of this festival among many talented craftswomen and craftsmen!

Elvira Legrand (May 2019)
The great blogger from Geneva, Elvira Legrand, has felt in love with our products, especially the Hollywood necklaces. Thanks a lot for the great looks pairing and stylish outfits! (Original post are here and here)